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How to hire the right people for your experiential marketing event

Today’s the day. The permits are in place, the vendors are onsite and prepped, and the pre-buzz canvasing has caught the eye of your target audience. There’s a lineup forming at the doors to the venue, and your client is already beaming with pride.

And then it happens. First, you notice one of your event staff chewing gum. Then you catch another one feverishly texting when they’re supposed to be canvassing in the crowd. In a matter of seconds, your feelings of elation turn to despair as you realize the staff at your marketing event is about to sabotage your award-winning brand experience.

Like it or not, when it comes to pulling off a top-notch experiential marketing event, your staff members are the lynchpin that holds everything together. As such, you should never underestimate the human factor behind your marketing experience. These are the brand ambassadors and spokespeople responsible for your messaging and customer engagement – make sure you take the time to find folks that fit with your overall program.

Hiring the Best Takes Time

Pulling off a complex experiential marketing program requires a great deal of planning, preparation, and experience. Nailing the tactical and logistical elements of your program takes skill and patience, and this includes hiring the proper staff. When it comes to bringing the right people on board, don’t wait until the last minute. Your marketing event staff members need to be more than just hired help; in order to execute an exceptional experience, your staffers need to become strategic partners.

Don’t gamble your experiential marketing event on bad talent. At Midfield Interactive, we are committed to providing our clients with topnotch event staff and support. From coordinating complex launches to ensuring ongoing event engagement, our team of experiential marketing experts will control all of the variables of staffing in order to establish a seamless network of support.  And our real “secret ingredient” is winning over our team by making them feel they are key.  You can’t just do this with words or monetary compensation.  You need to have this in you, you need to know how to build team.

Characteristics of Event Marketing Staff

There are a number of key characteristics to consider when it comes to recruiting top talent to your experiential marketing team. From look and personality, to flexibility and organization, the following is a list of important variables to pay attention to when building out a staffing team.

The Perfect Fit is all About Personality

Your talent’s look and personality needs to match the core characteristics of the brand you’re marketing. This will ensure your consumer connects the event experience to the brand, creating a seamless marketing approach. Take the time to clearly define your criteria for hiring talent. How much relevant brand experience should brand ambassadors have? How much training will they require on the client and the approach? Finding enough people to facilitate your event is easy; finding the right people to execute your experience in a professional, relatable manner is much harder.

Passion and Approach

The best promotional staff members don’t just talk the talk they walk the walk. This means they have past brand experience \ they can draw from in order to make the experience more believable. Let’s face it, if your event staff already know who the target market is and are familiar with the brand’s culture, you’re already well on your way to nailing your event. Your goal is to staff your event with reps who can speak confidently about the experience and comfortably answer basic brand-related questions. While you can train your staff to do this, having the experience occur naturally is always the better option.

Flexibility and Business Sense

The best event staff members are ready for anything. What’s more, they’re always aware of the bottom line and the business objectives. Lead nurturing is critical to the success of your marketing event. Experiential marketing is a great way to bridge these connections in the real world, and forge lasting relationships with loyal customers. Engagement and experiential marketing go hand-in-hand with event marketing; savvy event staff members recognize this and are able to fluidly link the two together.

Support Your Staff

All the preparation in the world won’t protect your event from operational and personnel problems. Issues are going to spring up and decisions are going to need to be made on the fly. This is why it’s crucial you have a solid contingency and mitigation plan in place for problematic staff. Whether this involves reinforcement talent or a quick personnel regroup, you want to make sure your bases are covered and your event isn’t impacted by the hiccup.

Solid leadership can make or break your experiential marketing event. From planning to execution, the infield supervisors at Midfield work tirelessly to uphold our clients’ vision during the entire event lifecycle.

At Midfield, we provide expert service through creative event marketing and experiential engagement. We hold our staff to a higher standard and ensure all team members are prepped and ready for a flawless experience and a rewarding event. Contact our office today to learn more about our event and experiential marketing services.

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