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By December 17, 2013April 3rd, 2014Event Marketing

Simple steps to help you get your message across in a meaningful manner.

Interactive event marketing isn’t an activity for the feint of heart. It’s tireless, frenzied work. Between scheduling speakers, coordinating staff and catering to event attendees, there’s a lot riding on your shoulders. Today, event marketers aren’t just expected to organize an amazing event, now they’re required to deliver an unforgettable experience.

How you pull this off depends a lot on your approach and understanding of interactive marketing.

Today’s event marketing strategy revolves around a number of important metrics. Ensuring high attendance numbers is one thing, bolstering word of mouth marketing and ongoing interest in your brand is another beast altogether.

At Midfield Interactive, we create remarkable event marketing opportunities by reinventing traditional promotional activities. As such, we don’t just set event goals and objectives – we develop a holistic approach that ties standard event marketing practices to innovative, experiential outreach opportunities. And while it’s not always easy, it’s certainly proven to be effective.

Whether you’re launching a new product or hosting a promotional event, now’s the time to get creative and blur the lines between event marketing, digital marketing, and interactive experiences. The following are five out-of-the-box ideas to help you improve your event marketing approach.

1. Utilize a Digital Event Application

Let your event attendees orchestrate their own experience through the use of an event app. Whether it’s personalizing their conference itinerary, or submitting feedback via social media, digital event applications provide customers and clients with an additional level of interactive participation. Not only can they manipulate their experience, but they can also share their voice with your marketing team in a direct, personal and convenient manner.

Cutting-edge and creative, event applications also offer unique sponsorship opportunities, up-to-the-minute information distribution methods, and deep data mining metrics. A customized event application enables you to track attendee sentiment, foster brand loyalty and support long-term engagement. Befriend a mobile app at your next event and see for yourself how digital integration can elevate your interactive experience.

2. Get Visual With Your Social Media

Platforms like Twitter, Vine and Instagram have proven an effective vehicle for marketers to reach a new audience in a way the audience wants to be interacted with: through visuals and short messages. Photos and micro-videos give your audience better insight into your company, as well as provide them with the opportunity to tell their own stories. Interactive event marketing uses these platforms to make it easy for everyone to see, share, and contribute to your brand story. Create engagement through contests, encourage conversation with hashtags and promotions, or feature your customers and their experiences on your corporate page – these are all easy ways to spread your message and inspire additional interactions.

3. Incorporate Event Technology

Most interactive event marketing companies view technology as an execution-based tool. At Midfield, we use technology for much broader, multi-dimensional purposes. As such, we use digital tools to not just manage your event, but also to extend and enhance your attendees’ experience.

Our technology is put to work before and after an event in order to give you deeper insights into your audience and further promote attendee participation. It is in this way that we are able to foster networking, produce content and spur community development, all in a way that’s targeted, value-added and business-oriented. By mingling marketing best practices with leading digital tools and platforms, Midfield Interactive is capable of developing technology solutions that generate real, measurable results.

  • 4. Get Emotional

When it comes to creating an engaging event marketing approach remember: logic makes people think, but emotions make people act. When planning an event, it’s easy to over-intellectualize your materials and your outreach. At Midfield, we keep things simple by focusing on the whyof your event, rather than the what. Many event marketing companies make the mistake of marketing the what – the product or the end result. While this may help move stock during your event, it will do little for your long-term customer attraction and retention. Emotional targeting is what will help forge those connections.

  • 5. Don’t Forget About the Power of People

People want to talk to people. They want to connect and engage in a mutually-beneficial relationship. This is why staffing is a crucial aspect of your event planning process. The right people won’t just sell your product, they’ll tell your story in a way that inspires others. Put the right people, in the right place, with the right tools and you’ll find yourself at the centre of the perfect interactive marketing storm.

Market your product or service with meaning using a full toolbox of interactive marketing tactics. Contact Midfield today to learn how you can improve your experiential marketing approach.

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