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By October 29, 2013April 3rd, 2014Event Marketing, Interactive Marketing

Have you ever noticed just how many people take pictures at your event? And we’re not talking about professionals who are paid to capture the day’s events; we’re talking about amateurs armed with smartphones and Instagram. Whether they’re snapping a selfie or documenting what’s happening around them, event attendees now spend an enormous amount of time behind the camera, snapping and sharing real-time moments with friends both near and far. It’s a fascinating phenomenon, yet many marketers are quick to brush it off as self-indulgent activity when in all actuality, these photos are an amazing event marketing and promotional tool… provided you can collect them and display the content in a fun and functional manner.

Enter – the live Instagram slideshow tool for festivals, weddings, parties and events.

A platform that makes curating event-specific photos easy and elegant, displays crowd-contributed media in a manner that’s entertaining and socially relevant. Amuse your guests and organically expose your brand to a growing network of followers with Here’s how this unique service can easily capture the moments that matter at your next event.

What is is a photo curation platform that Midfield uses to quickly and easily curate real-time event photos that are being shared on the Instagram social network. Fully customizable, collects and displays event photos based on the use of an event-wide hashtag. Participants simply tag their Instagram photos with this hashtag, and goes to work, collecting and curating user submitted photos and videos into a clean multimedia display. Simply display your photo stream using a projector or TV screen and watch as more and more participants contribute to your collection.

The Power of Social Sharing and Visual Media

Engaging content is a foundational element of any top-notch experiential event marketing. However, you can’t just push your content onto users. Instead, you need to create an environment that encourages attendees to become a part of the content creation process. When this type of creative, collaborative environment exists, people are far more likely to evangelize your product or service because they feel as though they’ve played an important role in the process. In short, they can take ownership of the experience and say, “Hey – I was there!”

With, Midfield can create a full-fledged media experience that puts attendees at the centre of your product launch and event marketing efforts. Ideal for large-scale events, but also useful at smaller, more intimate venues, makes it easy for individuals to take part in a larger collective experience through social sharing and digital media. Simply click, tag and share your photos, then turn to look at the publicly displayed feed for immediate gratification and glorification of your image.

Ride the Social Wave

As part of a full experiential event marketing program, will not only help you improve your day-of-event marketing and engagement, but it will also help expose your brand to countless people outside of the event venue. This is what we like to call the ripple effect of the experience. As hashtagged videos and photos appear in real-time on the screens in front of the crowd, the urge to contribute increases. Therefore, more and more people participate in the experience, producing more content that is then distributed with their personal networks. This means that, over the course of your event, your brand could be exposed to hundreds, if not thousands of additional people.

As social media interaction intensifies, so too will the interactive event marketing experience. Such is the beauty of inviting the consumer to participate in your brand story. This personalized touch is what enamors people with your brand and enables them to invest in your success.

Integrating into Your Next Event

There are a number of ways that can be incorporated into your event. Depending on the size of the function, the photos can be streamed on a series of secondary side screens surrounding a main stage. Set on a loop, these images can be used as supporting visuals in order to add an extra dimension to your presentation. Furthermore, Midfield can tie your stream with other visuals or media properties in order to create a truly sensory experience. For example, music can accompany the stream of Instagram photos in order to heighten the production value.

Encourage participation at your next event through the use of social media, Instagram, and visual event marketing savvy. Contact Midfield to learn more about and its various uses.

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