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By March 3, 2014April 3rd, 2014Event Marketing, Experiential Marketing

Why your next interactive marketing event should have a multi touch video wall

Remember that time you went to that event? The one where you sat and listened to a speaker talk about that really important product? You know, the one where everyone wore name tags on lanyards? They gave you that gift at the end as a thank you for attending…? I think it was a pen. Don’t you remember? No of course you don’t. Because like many of the events you’ve attended recently, nothing about that event was remotely unique or memorable.

Now imagine going to a marketing event and having a very different experience. You arrive at the event, maybe it’s a product launch. The minute you arrive you notice many of the guests appear to be playing a game on the wall. They are excitedly changing the pictures on a multi-touch video wall, customizing a product, displaying their preferred features… participating in an experience.

They’re calling over their friends to show them what they’ve created, encouraging them to join in on the game, “Come on, you try it!” And the best part? Once they’re happy with the product they’ve customized, they immediately share it, post it, pin it, and tweet it. It’s been all of 30 seconds, but already you know this is going to be a very different kind of marketing event, and all because of a multi-touch video wall.

What Exactly is a Multi-touch Video Wall?

Think Tom Cruise in Minority Report, but instead of interacting with holograms, the interaction is with multiple large touch screens or video walls. Video walls that allow customers to manipulate video images and audio in real time. Video walls that allow customers to paint an original picture or create an original song with a video symphony. Video walls that can be used by one person or by multiple people all interacting together at one time.

Video walls that ultimately give customers a very exciting interactive experience.

So why should this matter to you?

Because when it comes to event marketing the game has changed. It is no longer enough to fill a room with people and tell them about how “neat” your product or service is. If you want your customers to remember your revolutionary new offering, you have to show them. You have todemonstrate exactly how and why your “it” has value and you have to demonstrate what makes your “it” unique. To be blunt, interactive marketing is no longer an option, it is an expectation.

Enter the multi-touch video wall. An opportunity to provide a freeform, branded, creative outlet that allows your consumers to experience all the features and options that your product, your company or your brand can provide.

What’s that you say, you want examples? I am so glad you asked.

Imagine you’re hosting an interactive marketing event to introduce your new fall line of clothing. Everyone attending can interact with a multi-touch video wall to change the style of jeans, top, shoes, etc., displaying as many creative combinations as they can think of.

You host another interactive marketing event, but this time your customers use the video wall to play a game. The video wall is equipped with touch screen overlays that is capable of sensing touch from users at multiple points. So your customers are able to compete against their friends in an interactive video scavenger hunt.

Or, perhaps you attend a trade show. You are there to market custom furniture. Instead of handing out brochures like everybody else, consumers at your booth get to design their perfect dining room table or armchair on a multi-touch video wall. They choose out the wood, the upholstery, the dimensions, even the number of chairs.

Should I go on?

And of course thanks to social media, the interactive marketing experience doesn’t have to end there…

At the end of the day, when your customers have finished designing that last outfit or dining room table on your video wall, or have beaten all of their friends in the interactive video scavenger hunt, they are probably going to post it.

They are going to post it because they don’t want to forget that cool outfit they designed or the company where they found the designs. Because they want to show off how creative they are, or to brag publicly about how they beat their friends. Hey, let’s face it, there’s a good chance they will post it for some fairly selfish and dare we say, maybe even self-involved reasons. But who cares, because when they do, ultimately they will be showcasing you: your product, your company and your brand. All thanks to a multi-touch video wall at your interactive marketing event.

At Midfield Interactive, we pride ourselves on using state of the art technology to authentically engage consumers and enhance their overall experience. Contact Midfield today if you are interested in learning more about how our interactive marketing tools can work for you.


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