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By October 8, 2013April 3rd, 2014Event Marketing, Experiential Marketing

How Midfield Interactive’s approach sets us apart from other marketers.

Exceptional interactive marketing events don’t just happen. They require hours and hours of planning, strategizing, organizing and coordinating. From site plans to staffing issues, merchandising to promotions, your event and campaign has hundreds of details that need to be considered, accounted for and included in your approach.

At Midfield, we understand how critical the planning process can be. This is when decisions are made, concepts are fleshed out and the magic begins to happen. Understanding our clients’ perspective, expectations, and creative inspiration is key; how else can we properly communicate your message unless we understand it ourselves?

When it comes to executing an amazing interactive marketing event, the experts at Midfield combine experiential marketing with digital savvy in order to execute an all-encompassing experience. Our approach is often information and research intensive, but that’s how we’re able to produce some of the best interactive marketing experiences imaginable.

Curious as to how we do things at Midfield? Here’s a breakdown of our client approach and planning philosophy.

Step #1 – The Meeting of the Minds

Every great idea starts with a conversation. This is when our experts sit down and pick our clients’ brains for themes, objectives, creative angles – the foundations of your event or campaign. During this meeting, we encourage our clients to dream out loud; no idea is ever too outlandish! Right now, we just want to get those creative juices flowing. We’ll refine the approach later on down the line.

Step #2 – Think and Research

Once our brainstorming session is over, it’s time for the Midfield team to hit the books and get to work. Knowledge and research are key when it comes to mapping out an interactive marketing experience that engages your audience, inspires brand loyalty and drives sales. During this phase, you might hear from us a lot – that’s because we’ll need to learn more, not just about your company, but also about your industry and your competitors. We’ll want to dig deep, collecting as much data as possible. It’s this data that will eventually inspire our interactive marketing approach and creative execution.

Step #3 – Design and Creative Concepts

Once we’re armed with all the information we can find, it’s time to start outlining your interactive marketing approach. This is when we take the ideas from our initial meeting, align them with the data we’ve collected, and combine them to create unique concepts for your upcoming event and experiential marketing approach. This is also the point in the process where we finalize any goals and expectations for a project. These markers will help us to monitor the project’s success, as well as enable us to tweak our approach throughout the remaining planning phases.

Step #4 – Client Consultation and Review

Easily the best part of the planning process, this is when our team sits down with the client in order to present our campaign idea(s). This includes reviewing branding, critiquing concepts and explaining campaign rationale. We want you to leave this meeting feeling excited and energized about the project, so don’t be afraid to question us on our findings and approach. We don’t expect you to like everything we show you; in fact, we’d prefer if you didn’t. The more feedback you can provide us at this point, the better.

Step #5 – Back to the Drawing Board

Not 100% jazzed about our ideas? Don’t worry, we’ll revise our concepts until you’re happy with the final product. Again, expect us to touch base with you often during this phase of the planning process. We want to make sure we’re properly capturing your message and portraying it in a way that satisfies your corporate culture, values and goals.

Step #6 – Formalizing a Plan

Now that we’ve turned loose ideas into concrete concepts, it’s time to breathe life into your event. This means developing a detailed execution strategy and event itinerary. We’ll plan for the unexpected, and prepare for the impossible. When it comes to tying everything together, the team at Midfield Interactive has you covered.

Step #7 – Execute

This is when all of the hard work and planning pays off. Like a well-oiled machine, the Midfield Interactive team will work together to make sure that all aspects of your program and interactive event are properly activated and carried out. This includes managing staff, troubleshooting technical issues and interacting with your customers. We’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way in order to ensure everyone remains on the same page.

Step #8 – Final Report

Debriefing is a major part of our interactive marketing process. Even before the dust settles on your event, we’ll be back at work reviewing the numbers and performing a postmortem in order to see what we could have done better. As our client, you’ll be provided with a full report that includes an in-depth review of event outcomes and ROI. This ability to gather comprehensive and meaningful metrics from your interactive event is a crucial aspect of our approach and one of our differentiating factors.

Our ability to combine experiential marketing with digital tools and human connection has been proven to produce results. Let us put our philosophy to work for you. Contact our offices today to schedule a meeting of the minds with our experiential marketing team.

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