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Why connecting people is the most important part of your experiential marketing campaign

What does it take to market a brand in today’s competitive marketplace? A website is a good start. Social media profiles help drive engagement, but neither of these digital platforms create real connection. When it comes to creating a truly enchanting brand experience, one that allows consumers to become active participants in your vision, digital alone doesn’t cut it. The best marketing campaigns educate, entertain, and most importantly, immerse your customer in the brand.

This is what experience marketing aims to do.

Well-planned and executed experiential marketing programs don’t just promote a product or service; they cause consumers to change their outlook, behaviours, and attitudes. By communicating with consumers on a personal level, experiential marketing campaigns generate a deeper emotional connection, and not just between a customer and a brand. The best experiential marketing programs connect people.

The Science of Connection

It’s no secret that consumers are becoming immune to the powers of traditional marketing tactics. The reason for this is simple – there’s no real reason to buy into the hype. The lack of interaction, dialogue, relevancy, and personal relationships makes it easy to ignore banner ads, Facebook offers, and television commercials. Experiential marketing by its very nature is an inclusive narrative that can’t be ignored. The end result will have consumers not just talking about your brand, but actually aligning themselves with the fundamentals of your message.

The easiest way to bridge the connection? Genuine human interaction. Personal relationships run the world, after all. So, when it comes to crafting a great experience marketing event, it’s critical you build an exceptional team. Whether they’re the actors in a video or the staff at an event, there’s no denying the power of human interactions. It’s the factor that will activate your experiential marketing campaign and turn customers into evangelists.

How to Build Human Connections

Your experiential marketing team needs to specialize in relationship building. Without this important skill, your event will lack authenticity. You’ll just be another company marketing another product. Exceptional staff can turn an event into a unique user experience, regardless of how many people are in attendance. The secret to accomplishing this feat hinges on the following five pillars of connection:

1. Share a Compelling Narrative

Experience marketing requires more than a message. Your event requires a narrative; an overarching story that connects your brand with clearly defined values and transforms your company into a relatable entity. As in any captivating narrative, you need characters – these are the people who will forge connections with customers. The right people will turn your message into a story. As such, they need to be smart and funny, honest and engaging. And, above all else, they need to believe in their role.

2. Pay Attention

You can’t forge an authentic connection with someone unless you’re actually paying attention to what they’re saying, doing, and feeling. So listen up and pay attention to your target audience when crafting your experiential marketing message. What’s more, make sure your staff understands the importance of investing genuine time and effort into their interactions with customers at an event. These personal links are what will make your experience universally personal.

3. Remain Unforgettable

What makes a person memorable? More often than not, it’s a something small but meaningful. A clever retort or a kind smile, a genuine conversation or a signature style; standing out doesn’t have to involve doing something outlandish. The best event staff can activate your experience marketing program simply by being themselves and aligning this genuine self with your brand.

4. Give Them a Reason to Care

People don’t like to be told what to do or what to think. So let your customers make their own decisions during your marketing event. Give them the freedom to navigate your experience and content in their own manner and you’ll find relationships will naturally form. Let them discover your message; this is when your staff can step in and help encourage these engaged users to further participate. Your staff isn’t there to push; they’re there to help aid in the engagement process.

5. Make a Difference

How relevant is your experience? If your approach doesn’t strike a cord with your customers, your event staff will struggle forging a connection with consumers. Speak to an issue that matters. People will naturally be more accepting of this.

Experiential marketing is a powerful tool that can go a long way to building lasting relationships with your customers. With the right team and the right approach, you can give a message meaning and turn a brand into a belief.

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