At Midfield we believe when building experiences it’s not the brand message that is important. Instead, we know we have done our job right when we have improved the intrinsic value of one person’s day by delivering on an authentic moment.

For brands, this moment of real interaction opens the door to building new relationships with their audience, creating value based connections with existing customers and inspiring loyalty and a lifetime of brand advocacy. Our tools for building “authentic moments of cool” are experiential engagement, creative design and integrated digital technologies.

Some Of The Brand Experience Tools We Offer


Experiential Marketing
Exhibit & Kiosk Design
Event strategy, booking, negotiation
Brand Activation
Shopper Marketing
Sponsorship Evaluation & Development
Brand Tours & Productions
Incentive Programs
Brand Ambassadors & Event Staff
B2B Sales Programming
B2C Sales Programming


Interaction Design
Interface Design
Web Design
Content Strategy
Content Development
Content Management Systems
Brand & Product Naming
Brand & Visual Identity
Brand Positioning & Strategy
Messaging Strategy
Business Collateral
Information Graphics
Signage Systems
Retail Displays
Print Production
Photography & Art Direction


Digital Event Strategies
Event Technologies
Touchscreen & Motion Capture
Multi-platform Development
Content Marketing
Interactive Marketing
Interactive Installations

We thrive on uniting the talents of the developer, the builder, the social media expert, the designer, the copywriter, the videographer, the photographer, the printer, the actor and the extrovert and combining these individual talents into a symphony of cool!