The LUXE Caravan – Express


In November 2014, Midfield Co. was challenged by EXPRESS to improve three strategic pillars for 2015:

Brand awareness

Store traffic

Customer reach

We immediately put ourselves to work: How can we drive organic reach to the 20-30 year-old demographic? A demographic that is, historically, bombarded with brand messaging over the busy summer months! How do we make an impact?


Create a one-of-a-kind, fun and rewarding retail experience and launch it at major events and hot spots targeted towards 20-30 year olds across the country.


In July 2015, we officially launched the EXPRESS LUXE Caravan tour; the quintessential mobile retail experience. Kicking off its first leg at Pemberton Music Festival, the tour made stops at university campuses and shopping centres across Canada and popular music and film festivals such as Boots and Hearts and the Toronto International Film Festival.

The EXPRESS LUXE Caravan was created from a vintage 1976 Airstream travel trailer custom retrofitted from the inside-out. The Caravan’s most distinct feature, its drop-wing door panel, opens from the top and lowers to create an eye-catching 330-square-foot event deck, which provided the foundation for the LUXE Caravan’s mobile and interactive retail experience.

The Customer Experience

Along with its visual appeal, the EXPRESS LUXE Caravan offered potential customers with exciting ways to engage and explore the EXPRESS brand.

Giveaways: Giving away $1,500 in daily prizes, the shoppable look-book and text-to-win contest provided festival goers with the chance to win gift cards ranging from $20 to $500.

Swag: Didn’t win a gift card? With the help of the EXPRESS brand team, all visitors to the EXPRESS LUXE Caravan were able to customize a handy tote bag (pre-branded with EXPRESS and festival logos) with favourite names, quotes and phrases.

Fashion: At each stop in the tour, the EXPRESS LUXE Caravan was fully stocked with event-relevant fashion and styles. Customers were able to browse through EXPRESS fashion-forward clothing to experience the Caravan’s full-retail capability.

Style: EXPRESS’ digital Magic Mirror wasn’t your typical everyday mirror. This 60” digital touchscreen rotated 90 degrees and had a special film, which created a unique styling experience. As customers held clothing up to the mirror, the full experience came to life: product information and colour alternatives appeared.

There’s more. Ever wondered what it would be like to have a personal stylist? The Magic Mirror had one very surprising feature that excited customers: its own live stylist ready to offer style advice and help build the perfect festival outfit that matched your unique style.


Reaching more than 83,620 of our target demographic, driving 1.8M positive impressions and helping to affect a sustained lift in sales at EXPRESS stores across the country, the EXPRESS LUXE Caravan not only successfully built brand awareness, increased store traffic and acquired new customers, but was an interactive, one-of-a-kind retail experience. Want to see what the hype is about? Check out our tour dates for 2016.

Target Demographic Reach
Positive Impressions