The ‘M’ Snow Lounge

Never afraid to try something new, Mapleview has truly indulged our creative whims over the years, allowing us to build for them an assortment of engaging goodies;  giant plinko boards, branded “free ice cream” bicycles, special digital exhibit installations, boutique fashion shows and numerous social media contests, just to name a few experiences.  All were fun, all successful, some even award winning, however our very favourite was The M Snow lounge. Challenged by Mapleview to reach new shoppers in their Primary and Secondary trade markets, we were asked to create an exclusive and engaging experience for Skiers and Snowboarders at Glen Eden Ski Hill in Milton, ON.

The Strategy

Our approach was to erect a 800 SQ FT “ski-up” warming lounge at the base of the Mountain and engage families who were enjoying the slopes during the cold Family Day Long Weekend. We provided a cool and stylish alternative to the ski chalet for skiers and boarders to rest and warm themselves after runs, and then spoiled our visitors with treats and prizes.

The Experience

We valet checked skis, served free hot apple cider and s’mores, provided complimentary neck and shoulder massages and delivered ongoing games and rewards for visitors to the lounge. We then encouraged visitors to share the moment through a unique social media engagement. Using a snowboard and some digital magic, visitors wrote witty, style provoking messages, connecting their favourite Mapleview retail brands with their own personal approach to style. We offered the tools, they got creative, and we snapped and shared their photos on Facebook and Instagram for all to see.

M Lounge Visitors
S’mores Made
Massages provided
Digital engagements