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Getting it Right: Your Social Media Strategy for 2016

By December 21, 2015Social Media

With 2016 right around the corner, that means one thing for marketing departments: planning. If your brand is active on one or more social media platforms then congratulations – you’ve already overcome one of the most difficult hurdles: the point of entry. But now you’ve got some experience under your belt and it’s time to prioritize what your social media plan is for the next 12 months.

Focus on your Priorities

You’ve likely heard of the term, ‘quantity over quality’, and when it comes to social media – it most certainly applies. While we agree that brands need to be present on various programs, it may be worthwhile to rank each application as it aligns with your overall objectives to decide how much effort it receives. Understanding the value of each platform and its long term effects can assist in this exercise.

Understanding the Impact

Not sure where to begin in terms of prioritizing? It’s time to start understanding the impact of each platform. Where do you see the most engagement? The least? Is your brand seeking a means to incorporate an e-commerce strategy in 2016? What kind of bandwidth is your team working with to handle the potential growth of these channels? Understanding these factors and more can assist in deciding which platforms deserve the most attention.

Consider Brand Advocates

Feeling the pressure to crank out content all while delivering on the deadlines you had before social media was introduced to your role? Consider leveraging brand advocates or ambassadors to assist in producing curated content. Their unique perspective on your current brand or service, new product offerings, promotions or more not only offers content to repurpose but also engages with an audience you may not have reached in the past.

Interested in changing up your social media strategy for next year? Let us work with you to create a custom content calendar that works with your brand, your objectives and your bandwidth.

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